The Ultimate Resource For Building Your CTFO CBD Business


“ Using the right kind of information, in the right way, can be transformative for any business. ”

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    Build what matters: learn simple techniques for creating effective advertising that captivates and sells CBD and the CTFO opportunity.
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    Accelerate Recruiting: gain access to the same tools and formulas I use to explode your business quickly and efficiently no matter what your experience level.

Inside you will discover:


Ultimate SEO Strategies

While face-to-face selling and recruiting is effective, it's not very efficient and scalable.

Online marketing is critical to your growth and success. Learn ways to increase your visibility and capture your share of the market.


Practical, Step-by-Step Instructions

I'll show you step-by-step how to set up your silent salesforce to work for you 24/7. Gain valuable insight on what works and how to automate almost every step of this process. Work smarter, not harder. These are basic systems anyone can use.


Become An Advertising Ninja

Quickly expand your footprint with online advertising where it counts - and where it converts. Save thousands by using the highest quality sources for expanding your CTFO CBD business.


Time Saving Hacks

Stop wasting your most valuable resource, time. Use just a few of my most popular time saving techniques to save 100's of hours per year.  Spending your time wisely reduces burnout. 

Peter Palmiotto

Independent CTFO Associate

Peter has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and has founded multiple start-ups in various industries. To learn more about CTFO and the business opportunity, please visit

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