Prosperity Central (PC) is a great service, but you DON'T need to spend the $25 per month...I'd rather see you spend the money on sharing your product, buying more inventory, traffic to your site, MLM leads...why spend the $$$ when almost ALL these features are FREE elsewhere. Simply sign up for the PC Basic level and then fill in the rest with my suggestions. If you don't mind spending $300 per year to have all this in one spot, then go right's a good program, but easily replicated for free using other tools. You can sign up for the free basic account here >>>

Here Are The Services I Mentioned In My Video

Get a free email account at Gmail or Yahoo - there's no reason you need anything else, or any reason you need to pay PC for an "email box".  If you're concerned with privacy, simply set up a new Gmail account with a "business name" to avoid exposing your personal email address.

mail-chimp - FREE  Get up to 2,000 people on your subscriber's list for free. This link will give you a $30 credit if you ever needed to upgrade your account. Mailchimp integrates with virtually any software.  Just some of it's FREE tools include:

  • Auto Responder
  • Landing / Splash Page Builder
  • Create Opt-in Forms to place on blogs / websites / emails
  • Ready-To-Use Templates
  • Tag Your List To Segment & Search
  • Time Zone Distribution
  • Social Media Sharing Built In
  • Detailed Reporting

What It Replaces In Prosperity Central

  • Lead Capture Pages (System Provided)
  • Capture Page Creator (Unlimited)
  • Contact Manager
  • Smart Sender
  • Autoresponders/Email Campaigns
  • Email Broadcasting Tool

Prosperity Central's (PC) Features by Level
Sign Up For the BASIC, Then Use The Tools On The Left To Fill In The Missing Features

Free Conference - FREE  Set up, host and record up to 1,000 callers at once with a 6 hour call length for free. You can even download the recording as an MP4 and post it to your website. You can track everyone on your screen as the call happens, all the people listening and manage them on the screen (mute, kick off, allow to speak, etc).

What It Replaces In Prosperity Central

  • Trackable Biz Opportunity Call
  • Conference Bridge

Other PC Features Covered For Free!

PC's Video Creator

Pexels Videos - select from 100's of free videos for backgrounds, editing, motivational or info videos you create.

Blender - totally free! Very comprehensive.

Avidemux - free, but a lot less features (easier to use).

Adobe Spark Video Creator - great free version.

PC's Audio Creator

Audacity - record, edit, mix, export almost any type of audio file. Record your own audio (you'll need a mic), and export it into any audio file you need. easy to use. - free background music for your audio or videos. Search for the perfect music and drag it into Audacity or any video editing software for a really professional result.

PC's Custom Domain

NameCheap - for only $10 per year, you can have your own "custom domain" and point it anywhere you want. There's also lots of free options to build a free website using your domain name.


(If you require hosting, try BlueHost ) 

PC's Purchase Leads

Simply Google the term "mlm leads" and you'll find a bunch of sites that will sell you network marketing leads. There's no reason to "pay" monthly to have the option of buying leads...that's ridiculous.

Professional Capture Pages For Only $5

If you want to save your money, create your own capture pages using MailChimp. If you're lazy like me, you can have a PROFESSIONAL create your landing page for you. Head over to and search "Mail Chimp Capture Page." You'll find people to build your capture / splash page for $5. 

Get professional "anything" built for as little as $5. Click Here To Search Now!

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: While many of these are free services, some of the links above are my affiliate links. If you choose to upgrade or pay for these services in the future, I will receive a small compensation (at no additional cost to you). These small commissions help me keep this site up and running and help feed my four daughter's veracious appetites for anything made of slime, princesses, iphone games, and other tween obsessions. If you don't want me earning any commissions, type the URL directly into your address bar to circumvent my affiliate links.